• Marcus Stoodley

    Professor of Neurosurgery/Macquarie University

  • Professor Stoodley is head of neurosurgery at Macquarie University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Professor Stoodley’s clinical subspecialty qualification is in neurovascular surgery. In addition to managing aneurysms and vascular malformations, he has become an Australian leader in cerebral bypass surgery, especially in the treatment of moyamoya disease and other occlusive disorders.

    In addition to his clinical interests, Professor Stoodley heads the neurosurgery research team at Macquarie University, with world-leading research efforts in syringomyelia and CSF physiology, and in the development of new treatments for brain AVMs. He has produced more than 100 publications. In 2012, Professor Stoodley was awarded the John Mitchell Crouch Fellowship, the premier surgical research award of the RACS.