• Max Wintermark

    Professor of radiology (Neuroimaging and Neurointervention)/Stanford University Medical Center

  • Max is a neuroradiologist with a specific interest and expertise in stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, movement disorders and psychiatric disorders. He received his training in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland followed by a fellowship in Diagnostic Neuroradiology at the University of California, San Francisco. He has a degree in biomedical engineering from the Swiss federal Institute of technology and a master in clinical research from the University of San Francisco. He worked as a faculty at the University of California, San Francisco, at the University of Virginia, and is currently a Professor of Radiology and the Chief of Neuroradiology at the Stanford University.

    He is the chair of the research committee of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR). In this role, he developed the ASNR research study groups, including one focusing on cervical and intracranial wall imaging, one focusing on brain tumor imaging and genomics, and one addressing clinical translation of functional MRI (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to conditions such as traumatic brain injury and chronic stroke.

    He is the chair of the imaging working group of the NINDS-funded stroke clinical trial network (StrokeNET). Max was a member of the neuroimaging core lab in the DIAS 2 trial, and reviewed centrally the imaging data collected as part of this trial. He helped with the implementation of perfusion-CT as a penumbral imaging method for the MR-RESCUE trial. He is currently leading the imaging core lab for the NIH-funded Vasculopathy in Pediatric Stroke (VIPS) study, which aims at identifying the role and etiology of arteriopathy in pediatric stroke patients.